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Remote Control PC 6.0

It allows you to control another computer over LAN or Internet
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Remote Control PC is an application which allows you to remotely control one or more computers. This makes physical movement to other machines unnecessary. The main benefit of using this program is that you can connect to other PCs, have access on the spot to information stored on them, and even work from distance in real time mode, having your local keyboard and mouse as support.
This utility provides two modules: a host module to remote control the computer from another location, and an admin module if you want to control other machines from your computer. Before getting started to work remotely, you should check whether the corresponding modules are properly installed on the computers. You can choose between two operating modes. For LAN connection, the access is done directly by IP address and ports. Another method, much easier, is to make the connection via the Internet, which implies creating an account and defining nicknames for every machine. When all settings are done, you are free to transfer files, copy data from one computer to another, or perform any kind of operation remotely.

Both the host and admin modules can be installed on the same computer. This would help you change the role of your PC from controlling machine to a controlled one, according to your needs. Using this program is not difficult at all, because it is designed both for beginners and network experts.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • It allows to install required module in local network without physical visit of target PC
  • The program is free


  • The program's help file is not updated; the instructions are for a similar program, Anyplace Control, a product designed mainly for corporate users
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